Monday, April 3, 2017

Less Is Now More At Connected Dealerships

Historically, people in the market for a new car dreaded spending days at a time being escorted around huge lots trying to find the perfect vehicle. It's not that they disliked the salesperson, or dealership itself; surveying endless acres was a physical chore, and emotionally draining. In the past few years, however, an interesting change has happened. It seems that the most successful auto dealers in an area are literally shrinking in size. How can this be? Shouldn't a larger inventory require a larger lot? 

Vehicle Surveys Through Technology 

Dealership representatives and sales associates are now dividing their time between learning the details of individual models, and the mastering of technology-assisted customer service. Dealership lot sizes are shrinking for one reason: the internet is making vehicle choice extremely easy, productive, and as limitless as the internet itself. In the past, the most satisfied car buyers were those who did their own research, picked a dealership, and asked to see an exact model. In contrast, the least satisfied customers were those who had to settle because the stress of finding a vehicle was too great. Technology is making buying a car through a dealership relatively stress-free. 

Next Generation Vehicle Sales 

It's now very common for the act of buying a car to feel more like a consultation at a medical specialist's office than a tour through a warehouse. Dealerships now have access to vehicle inventories located anywhere, and have the ability to have them shipped in a matter of days. This even includes international inventories. Now, people can list their preferred vehicle details, have it located with exact specifications, and still take advantage of extraordinary pricing. Internet sales at dealerships result in smaller areas of impact, more satisfied buyers, more options offered by associates, and mutual lesser degrees of stress. 

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