Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Ready Your Paperwork Before You Visit Auto Dealers

So, you have finally decided to buy a brand-new vehicle. Excited as you may be, the process of visiting auto dealers, finalizing the purchase, and signing off on documents may take longer than expected. 

On the average, you may have to wait a couple of hours after visiting a dealership before you can drive off with your spanking-new ride. You can reduce the agony, save yourself some stress, and speed up the procedure when you come ready with all your paperwork.

Your Form of Payment

If you plan settling the payment via a loan, be sure you have brought the pre-approval forms that your bank provided you. If a down payment is required, be sure you have the check or cash ready. Keep your bank personnel’s number on hand in case the auto dealers may need to contact them immediately for details. 

Your Personal IDs

Your driver’s license should be updated, as you will be driving off with your new purchase soon. You may need to provide other IDs and proof of your address as needed for financing purposes. It helps if you already have photocopies of these prepared. 

Insurance Documents

Your auto dealer will require you to have insurance, especially if it is a new vehicle. If you already have your own plan from your insurer of choice, you can present these documents to your dealer. If you are yet uninsured, talk to the dealership about your preferences. It may help you find the right insurance plan for your new ride.

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