Friday, March 10, 2017

Portland Car Dealers Let You Drive with the Basics

Buying a new car on a budget? Perhaps you may want to stick to the basic features. You can discuss about the amenities you truly desire with your dealers, and even negotiate to take out those that are not essential. 

You Can Go without These Features

You can reduce the buying price if you opt out of an integrated GPS system. Most drivers today still use the app on their smartphones or tablets whenever they need to navigate. Another way to cut down on costs is to do away with the DVD player in your car. Your passengers will likely prefer to be entertained on their own handheld devices.

What to Look for Instead

To be able to get the best offers from Portland car dealers, it helps to do a little research beforehand. In terms of safety, get a car that comes included with a backup camera, forward collision warning, and blind spot monitoring.  More than the tech amenities and the exterior styling, reliability is actually the top consideration of auto buyers today; that’s something you should prioritize.

Think about Comfort

Tech features that improve safety are definite must-haves, but you should also prioritize comfort for everyone in the vehicle. Seats don’t have to be upholstered in premium leather, but they should offer ample back and bottom support. If you live in a city with ever-changing weather conditions, get a vehicle with heated or ventilated seats, as well as dual-zone climate control for the front and rear passengers. 

If your budget is a little tight, stick with the basics until you get to the point when you can really afford all the bells and whistles.

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