Friday, February 3, 2017

Things Auto Dealers are Going to Ask You

Some people don’t like the idea of shopping for a new car because they’re needlessly worried about negotiating with a dealer. Reputable dealers are there to help you find the car you need in their showroom, so you need to give them some idea about what you want.

While he or she does not need to know everything about you, there are a few things a dealer is going to need to know to help you find the ideal car.

An Approximate Budget

Don’t feel like you need to give specific numbers, or even your maximum spend. However, you will need to give a dealer some indication of your budget, so they can show you cars that are in your price range.

If you don’t want to talk numbers at all, you could give the names of some cars you’re interested in that you know are in your price range instead.

Your Personal Style

A lot of auto shopping is based on feelings and emotions, and a dealer will want to understand the style of car you’re looking for. Do you want practicality and 7 seats, or do you want a sporty convertible that only fits two people? Let the auto dealer know!

Disclose Bad Credit

When the time comes to buy, you’ll need to let your auto dealer know if you have a poor credit history. This isn’t going to be a deal breaker, as many good dealers can find excellent deals on autos for those who have bad credit. However, hiding that fact may waste time and cause more stress in the short term. You won’t be judged for being honest.

Don’t be apprehensive about negotiating with a car dealer. Think of it as building a relationship for the future, and you’ll have a much more enjoyable time auto shopping.

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